Lunch at Winty and Andrea Harrington's  - page 3

When people settle down, Peter Alden runs through the program as people listen.

Ernst Mayr is introduced to the crowd (with John Pickering)

Then he introduces Ed Lam (on right), author of Introduction to Damselflies, and the main speaker this evening. Ed's wife Anne O'Connor on the left.

Simon Perkins, Miah Trimble, Noble Proctor, and Steve Orzak listen

then Fahy Bygate, Simon Perkins, and Patty O'Neill applaud the honored guests.

Linda Pivacek and Bob Stymeist watch.

Maria Pickering and friend Nigel

Anne O'Connor and Abbie Barber

Rick Cech and his wife Emily

Peter Trimble and Fahy Bygate

Noble Proctor and Abbie Barber

Of course, some people are more interested in the talking than others. Nine-year-old Ariel Robinson uses his net to try to catch bullfrogs.
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