In the Field

After lunch, we broke up into several groups, and I chose to stay at the Harrington's and search their ponds and fields.

Damselfly author Ed Lam shows a spreadwing to Anne O'Connor and Rob Stevenson

Jay Shetterly checks Blair Nikula's ode field guide, while Dick Walton scans the sky.

John Huehnergaard and David Lubertazzi in Joe-Pye-Weed

Participants included experts on beetles, wasps, ants, and just about every insect, so we looked at almost everything. I don't know what happened here, but it doesn't look very pleasant. (Noble Proctor, Lucia de Leiris, and Abbie Barber

Our youngest participant enthusiastically checked out every dragonfly we caught.

As the afternoon wore on, many aeshnids could be seen flying high above. Here Blair Nikula gets ready to net one.

There were a lot of misses . . .

But there were a few catches, too.

Jay Shetterly

Dave Lange

Noble Proctor

Julie Lisk, with dragonfly on her hat.

Sharon Riley, Fahy Bygate, and Blair Nikula.Winding down.
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