Cocktails (and ice cream!) at Peter Alden's Backyard in Concord

Peter's back yard was overflowing with netters.

Patty O'Neill and Fahy Bygate mingle

Steve Mirick and Betty Anderson enjoying the company.

Sharon Stichter and Abraham Miller-Rushing

Paul Miliotis introduces Eddie Woodin and Ed Lam

Peter chats with E.O. Wilson

Cindy Wilson and John Pickering

Ed Wilson, Maria Aliberti and David Lubertazzi

Peter Burn, Alfie Alcorn, and Steve Orzack

Babita Bains chats with Anne O'Connor

Peter announces the rest of the evening's festivities.

Emily Cech and Jim Berry in front of Edward O.Wilson, Rob Stevenson and Peter Trimble

Frank Gallo, Ed Lam, David Sibley

Peter Trimble, Marj Rines,  Dave Small, and Steve Mirick show off dragonfly shirts.
Go to Barbecue at Dick Walton's