Mass Audubon Birder's Meeting, March 5, 2005

The Mass Audubon Birders' Meeting was cosponsored by the Menotomy Bird Club, and our volunteers looked terrific in their T-shirt uniforms. This is the "inside" group, while others were helping elsewhere.

All nine volunteers included (top row) Renee LaFontaine, Judy Eisenberg, Janet Crystal, Jason Forbes, John Sharp (bottom row) Diana Fruguglietti, Ruth Norcross, Paul Ippolito, and Alan Ankers.

Seating was around tables, so most of us were able to sit together. Alan is enjoying the event, and Judy is checking out her new purchase of the Sibley eastern edition.

Diana and Paul

Janet didn't care to have her photo taken!

Other Menotomy members were there too. Here Hal Ober chats with John Sharp.

Amy Davies, Gary Gurka and Ian Davies

Cory McCarthy and Oakes Plimpton

Jason and Alan chat with Vern Laux, one of the speakers at the event.

Judy bought her book after the book signing time, but caught David Sibley to sign her book in the afternoon.

And Marj Rines was a speaker, telling the background of the Menotomy Bird Club.