T-shirt Gallery
Send us a photo of your Menotomy T-shirt! 
In an unusual place, with someone famous, or being worn by someone famous (extra points). Use your imagination! Send your photo to Marj to be added to the gallery!

Doug and Julia Bailey in the Galapagos.

Fay and Peter Vale at Bonaventure

Stephen Baker proudly shows his T-shirt in the Chiricahuas in Southeast Arizona.

Judy Marino at Big Bend National Park, savoring the sight of a pair of gray hawks in their nest

Ruth Bragg checks out sea beans on the beach at Bahia Honda Key, Florida.

Eric MacDonald and Ian Davies at Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

Jason Forbes in Bosque del Apache, New Mexico, with Snow Geese. Jason says he will treat any Menotomy member to a new T-shirt if they can point out the Ross's Goose....

Peter and Fay Vale at the Tiritiri Reserve in New Zealand

Dave Larson on the Kiskadee Trail

Peter and Fay Vale in Gambia!

Paul Ippolito on the islands of the Great Barrier Reef with Brown Booby, Lesser Crested Tern, Crested Turn, Black Naped Turn, Sooty Tern, and Common Noddy with Great Frigatebird overhead

Karsten Hartel and Menotomy Bird Club heading out on whale watch for pelagic birding

Gary and Ann Gurka (center) in Belize with trip leaders Dave Larson and Bill Gette at the top of Mayan Jaguar Temple at Lamani

Birding without binoculars? On a trip to the desert Paul Ippolito remembered his T-shirt but not his binoculars!