Steering Committee



Meetings are usually held in the Community Room of the Fox Library in Arlington. Someone from the Steering Committee tries to be there by 7:00, to allow for a half-hour of socializing, but if the door is locked, please do wait.

The Fox Library has cancelled all programs in the foreseeable future. Please stay tuned to the Arlington Birds email list for updates.

Previous Programs:

Thursday, September 19th 7:30 PM
Fox Library Community Room
Tanzania: A Wildlife Lovers Dream
Christopher Ciccone
Please join us as fellow MBC member Christopher Ciccone presents “Tanzania: A Wildlife Lovers Dream,”.  If you were with us at our member’s night in the spring, you had a small sample of the photos he took from his first day on the ground in Africa - now he will share with us his photography, stories, and some logistics from a two week safari to some of the famous parks of Tanzania, where the "Big Five" mingle with an astounding variety of other mammals, and of course, birds

Tuesday October 29th 7:30 PM
Fox Library Community Room
Mystic Lakes Bald Eagle Workshop
Including Discussion of Plumage, Molt, & Ageing
Over the past five years or so eagle photography has grown dramatically with the surge in our local breeding population. The quality of the photography has gone through the roof, but our understanding of and communications about the eagles have not kept pace. This workshop is intended to increase our understanding of Bald Eagle maturation and better communicate what we have observed, photographed, and learned. In this 90-minute workshop we’ll review what we think we know about Bald Eagle development and where we might have questions. We’ll then look at photos of birds seen locally and try to better define and age them discussing what can be seen on live birds versus LCD screens. We’ll use images by a number of local photographers. If you have 1-3 Bald Eagle photographs that you would like to see discussed, send them to Paul in advance noting when and where the photos were taken (phawk254@comcast.net). Paul M. Roberts of Medford has been studying immature Bald Eagle plumages on the Mystic Lakes for more than two decades and in Massachusetts for four... and is still learning.

Thursday, November 7th 7:30 PM
Fox Library Community Room
Avian Illustration
Avery Whitlock
Please join us for an evening of artistic exploration with local artist, Avery Whitlock.  A Massachusetts-based illustrator specializing in cartoon and ornithological illustration, Avery has been creating illustrations of birds since graduating from Connecticut College in 2015.  In this workshop, Avery will discuss how she discovered her love for avian illustration, before leading a small art class with tips on how to draw birds. Pencils, paper, and clipboards will be available, but you are welcome to bring your own supplies.

Tuesday December 3rd 7:30 PM
Fox Library Community Room
Birds and Birding Sites of New Hampshire:
How to see Spruce Grouse, Black-backed Woodpecker and other boreal species
Bob Quinn
Would you like to see Bicknell’s Thrush and American Pipit on their spectacular nesting grounds? What about Cape May Warbler and Rusty Blackbird with a nearby Moose in a remote northern bog? Intrigued? Well, then please join the Menotomy Bird Club for this remarkable show as award winning naturalist and birder Bob Quinn shares the wonders of birding in the Granite State. His focus will be on the truly special places in northern NH such as Lake Umbagog and the Pondicherry National Wildlife Refuge, as well as the special birders such as renowned ornithologist William Brewster and NH’s own pioneering birder Tudor Richards. Bob has over 40 years of experience birding all the nooks and crannies of these marvelous and little-known places and will share his photos, videos, and stories of this bird-filled and fascinating part of New Hampshire.

Thursday February 27th 7:30 PM
Fox Library Community Room
Massachusetts Butterflies
Mark Rosenstein
Whether you look for other things when the birds are being secretive in the breeding season, like to get out at mid-day when the birds are resting, or just want a change of pace, butterfly watching has both similarities and differences from birding.  There are about 100 species of butterflies expected in Massachusetts.  Some are widespread and obvious, while others are only found in very specific habitats.  Please join the Menotomy Bird Club as fellow member Mark Rosenstein provides an introduction to the group, highlighting when, where and how to look for them.