Steering Committee


Some Background

Menotomy is the Native American name for the area northwest of Cambridge, a name that has been since replaced by Arlington, but which is remembered in many locations and organizations in the area.

The Menotomy Bird Club evolved from "ArlingtonBirds," an e-mail listserve that was started in 1998 by Marj Rines as a way for birders in and around Arlington to share local information.

In February 2003 a social event organized by Oakes Plimpton was such a success that members of ArlingtonBirds agreed we should use the listserve to organize a local birding club. Stephen Baker put together a Steering Committee to spearhead the formation of the club.

At the time of the formation of the club, two Bald Eagles on the Mystic Lakes had been a popular birding destination for local birders, so the combination of the Native American name and the eagle were combined in the club's logo, a stylized petroglyph.

And we continue to function electronically. Events are promoted on the web, but trips, lectures, and social events are the real thing.