On February 2 Trevor Lloyd-Evans came and set up traps to see if he could capture Harry, but after six hours of waiting there was not even a sighting. Trevor decided that mist nets were the only solution, but it would have to wait until after Jason and his family returned from Texas. So, on February 15, Trevor arrived in Waltham at 6:55AM, and by 7:30 the nets were in place and Margie was making coffee cake.

At 7:45 Margie called out that there was something in the net - unbelievably it was Harry (and three White-throated Sparrows).

After releasing the White-throats we set out to process Harry.

The right wing was relatively normal, but the left wing was missing a couple of feathers.

Trevor took samles of feathers from various spots, including a small bunch of breast feathers.

He was measured


and banded

Although it was hard to read the numbers . . .

At last he was ready to be released

So Jason did the honors

and we went inside for coffee cake.