Lunch at Winty and Andrea Harrington's

When I pulled into the parking area, Tom Young and Dave Small had already started looking for odonates, even while others were walking up to Winty and Andrea Harrington's home for lunch.

Maria Aliberti and David Lubertazzi have left their nets behind to head toward the house.

Steve Orzack and Ariane Cherbuliez, with their daughter Nora.

Peter Alden, organizer and naturalist organizes name tags for Linda Pivacek and Patty O'Neill.

Tom Young has finally left the field to sign in with Cliff Bernzweig.

But notice that Tom not only has brought his net, but is still clutching the emerald he found in the parking lot.

Fahy Bygate greets Sharon Riley as Blair Nikula (author of several books on dragonflies) looks on.

Betty Anderson and Andrew Brissette arrived and joined the crowd starting the grow in the Harrington's huge back yard.

Professor Ernst Mayr, just over 100 years old, was one of the guests of honor.

I forced my camera in someone else's hands to have my photo taken with Professor Mayr.

Paul Miliotis and Jay Shetterly enjoy the picnic lunch.

Linda Pivacek and Patty O'Neill 

Alfie Alcorn, Jim MacDougall, and Jim Berry enjoy the fruit punch
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