April 15. Kit and mom, together at the den, are clearly very interested in something.

Only yards away, this Turkey Vulture is chowing down on a squirrel carcass.

Most of the time, the mother had her tail raised as shown above. It's not a position I've seen before - normally it hangs down in a relaxed fashion.

Occasionally one of the foxes would move toward the vulture, which would nervously fly up to a tombstone.

This time, the mother didn't seem to bother the vulture.

My curiousity about the carcass finally got the better of me, and I opened the door of my car to see if I could see it better standing up. The vulture immediately flew over to a monument behind the den. I checked out the carcass and it was on the the kit's "toys" - part of the kit's training is to play with carcasses to develop hunting and killing skills. I would have thought there was nothing left to eat, since it looked like nothing more than skin, but the vulture was getting something.

At this point, the vulture flew away, and mom and kit settled down.

Kit started exploring, checking the air for possibly exciting things.

Mom got up too.

She continues to climb the stone, apparently trying to catch insects or something.