May 4, 2002


The kits now seem to be frequenting a den at the front of the cemetery, and today they were all out and playing actively.

The mother was there at first, but left almost immediately after I arrived, but the kits were unbothered by my presence as long as I continued to use my car as a blind.

Three of the kits were hanging out near a culvert.

They often used it for shelter when they were temporarily startled by my movement, or a crow calling, or walkers passing near.

Another favorite hiding place was behind flowers placed at the mausoleum beside the culvert.

One kit had a squirrel, and spent the entire time chowing down on it.

Only occasionally would another kit approach, but it would never come close, nor would the kit eating give any sign of aggression about its prize. Clearly an alpha kit.

The other kits spent most of the time horsing around.

A joy to watch.