April 28, 2002

Much of this was actually a week ago. On April 21, I watched the mother nursing again, but as the days go by, she spends less and less time.

With the kits getting too big to all fit under her, they are definitely becoming a little over-rambunctious.

After only one or two minutes, the scene is reduced to shambles, and she pulls away.

She spends a little time grooming them, but then trots off.

Later, I saw her bringing something light colored to the den, which the kits eat greedily. She leaves, and picks up more, and eats herself. I look carefully, and it's bread! I wonder if someone is attempting to feed the foxes, or if it is simply leftovers from someone feeding the ducks nearby.

Kit waits for mother's return.

Yesterday I went looking for the family, but there was a fairly large contingent of fox fans, and so I spent a minimum of time. However, Renee told me that the father has made an appearance! I'm not sure which parent this one is.

The kits are growing, but still very cute.