The Elm Leaf
In 2003, there was a specific elm sapling where the Harvesters consistently perched. I photographed as many as possible, particularly after it became obvious that there were different butterflies involved. They seemed to favor a certain leaf, although if disturbed they would sometimes chose a different leaf or an elm across the path. In 2004, they returned to the same elm, perching in roughly the same spot.


7/31/03 (different from above)

8/6/03 (different from above)

8/7/03 (same as above)

8/13/03 (different from above)

8/15/03 (different from above)

8/16/03 (different from above)

8/21/03 (different from above)

8/27/03 (different from above)

8/28/03 (probably same as 8/27)
6/15/04 Renee saw a Harvester on this leaf, but I didn't get a photo.


7/22/04 (different from above)

8/3/04 (different from above)