Redpolls! - or, always check the birches.

On November 24 Alan, Renee and I were looking for redpolls. We checked a bunch of places, but were running out of ideas until we remembered a flock along Concord Avenue in Belmont a few years ago. We walked along the road and I heard some calling in the distance, and as we scanned the trees in the distance we saw a large flock of small birds flying from one birch tree to another. Much too far to identify, so I ran back to the car to get the telescope, but by the time I got back the bird had flown out of sight. Not giving up, we drove up Concord Avenue and turned into the old Met State property, now being developed into townhouses. Cruising along, we stopped from time to time, checking every bird we saw or heard, but no luck. We were heading back when we spotted a stand of birches in a muddy off-road area and (having to justify my all-wheel drive) I swung over. Just as we arrived to see empty birches, a flock of birds flew up from nowhere and landed in the birches. Redpolls!!!