Red-throated Loons at Mystic Lake


When a Red-throated Loon was reported on the Mystic Lakes in Arlington on March 13, I raced to see it, picking up my friend Renee enroute. It was snowing, and gray, photography out of the question, but we enjoyed the sight of the loon swimming around, its back covered with snow. 

I drove home, to the other side of the lake, and as always, drove by the open water at the edge of the road. There was the loon - but the snow on its back was gone. Wondering how it had gotten there so quickly, I bushwhacked my way across to the other side - and there was the loon with the snow. Two birds!

Today is March 22, and they are still here, except that one moved to the lower part of the lake.

In this lower part of the lake, you can get wonderful, up close views.

It moved into the river at the base of the lake, and was hanging out just below the first bridge.

I climbed up on to the stone railing of the fench and looked down.

How many times do you get to see a Red-throated loon like this?