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   Birding in Arlington, and places to visit

Ever changing: my recent pages
Cackling Goose, Cambridge Reservoir, October 11, 2013
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Red-bellied Woodpecker, Summer 2008
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Chaffinch, December 2 and 11, 2009
Banding Chaffinch, February 15, 2010
Common Grackle nesting in cavity
"White-eyed" Junco at my feeder
Common Terns in Middlesex County
Smoots: Renee illustrates height of Pine Siskin Trees
Eagle 2008
Pine Grosbeaks, Lincoln, 3/7/08
Redpolls! November 2007
Broad-winged Hawk nest Summer 2007
Horn Pond Ducks 7/31/07
White Red-tail - 6/16/07
Oriole Wars - 5/11/07
Attack of the Turkey again
Two Fishermen
Virginia Rail family
Redheads at Mystic Lake January 24 2006
January 21 2006 - January Thaw
The Pizza Birds
Mystic Merlin
Seeing The Falcon
Baby Redtail desperate for food
Red-throated Loons on Mystic Lake
Eagles 2003: a Retrospective
Ghost Bird
My favorites
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