Steering Committee



Meetings are usually held in the Community Room of the Fox Library in Arlington. Someone from the Steering Committee tries to be there by 7:00, to allow for a half-hour of socializing, but if the door is locked, please do wait.

Tuesday, January 9  7:30 PM
Fox Library Community Room
Bird Conservation at Mass Audubon
Jonathan Atwood
Director of Bird Conservation at Mass Audubon
Join us as Jonathan Atwood, the Director of Bird Conservation at Mass Audubon – Bird Conservation. This presentation will provide an overview of the principal projects currently being pursued by the Bird Conservation Department at Mass Audubon, including The Bobolink Project, Foresters for the Birds, Massachusetts Important Bird Areas, the Coastal Waterbird Program, and impacts of climate change on breeding birds of Massachusetts.

Thursday, February 1 7:30 PM
Fox Library Community Room
The Evolution of Beauty
Richard O. Prum
William Robertson Coe Professor of Ornithology at Yale University
This talk will explore the science of avian beauty. The sexual ornaments of birds– including plumage coloration, song, and display– often evolve through mate choice. The talk will explore Darwin's theory of mate choice as an aesthetic process in which birds choose mates purely for their pleasure. The talk concludes that birds are beautiful because they are beautiful to themselves, and that animals can be active agents in their own evolution.  Richard O. Prum is the author of The Evolution of Beauty: How Darwin's Forgotten Theory of Mate Choice Shapes the Animal World– and Us, which was named one of the Top Ten Books of 2017 by the New York Times.

Previously this year:

Wednesday, September 13 7:30 PM
Fox Library Community Room
Attracting Native Birds 101 with Bill Gil
With the right combination of plantings, feeders, bird houses and bird baths, your backyard can attract a wide range of common birds, as well as a few surprises. Bill Gil from Blisscape Landscape & Nursery will discuss different approaches and ideas to consider for attracting birds to your yard.

Tuesday, October 17  7:30 PM
Fox Library Community Room
The Galapagos with Christopher Ciccone
Join Christopher Ciccone as he shares with us images and experiences on an adventure that for many is a bucket-list destination: The Galapagos.  The Galápagos Archipelago, Darwin's living laboratory, is home to an abundance of wildlife. Isolated from the mainland for millions of years, it is that rare wilderness where animals have no instinctive fear of humans.  Over the years we have all had the privilege of seeing Christopher's work at our Members photo night and tonight we have the opportunity to experience his presentation that will be filled with fantastic images and insight into this magical destination.

Tuesday, November 7  7:30 PM
Fox Library Community Room
Built to Peck: How Woodpeckers Avoid Brain Injury
Lorna Gibson
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT
Woodpeckers peck to find insects to eat, to attract a mate (through drumming) and to build cavity nests.  They have to hit the tree hard enough to drill into it.  Why don’t they get brain injury? We’ll view the video, Built to Peck, which looks into woodpecker pecking behavior and explains how woodpeckers avoid brain injury.